Exterior Window and Door Trim Replacement

Project info

Location: Madison, NJ
Scope of Work: Exterior carpentry

Most homes were constructed with wood trim. When hardwoods were used, the trim was durable and able to withstand moisture and sun. However, as hardwoods became more scarce and more expensive, builders replaced them with soft pine. Pine trim tends to splinter and is not nearly as moisture resistant.

We replaced a few rotting pine boards with composite to prevent further water damage.

New Azek Trim and Paint
New Azek Trim & Paint

Monk’s Method

This was a quick carpentry and painting project that only required one day to complete.

First, the carpenters removed the pieces of trim that were rotting. There were rotted portions along the bottom of the sliding glass doors. In addition, a few windows had rotted portions of trim. Then, Azek composite trim pieces were cut to fit. The carpenters installed the new composite trim boards.

They finished off the project by painting the new composite boards, along with the adjacent existing wood trim.

While this was a small project, it was smart for these homeowners to deal with the problem early. Had they waited to address it later, there would likely be more extensive damage to the surrounding trim and shingles. Their quick attention likely saved them money in the long term.

Here is another project where we replaced bay window trim with AZEK.

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