Soffit Replacement and Gutter Repair

Project Info

Location: Morris Plains
Scope of Work: Exterior Carpentry; Soffit Replacement

This Morris Plains, NJ home was built in the mid-1800s. Over the many years, the home has received lots of maintenance and updates. Of course like any home, new or old, there is always another project! Due to some gutter clogging, a section of the second story soffit was totally rotted. We made the necessary repairs and changed the gutter in order to prevent the problem from recurring.

Soffit Replacement in Morris Plains NJ
Soffit Replacement in Morris Plains NJ

Monk’s Method

The first step in this project is an exterior inspection of the home. A Monk’s Estimator visited the home and walked around with the homeowner looking for any damaged areas. Our customers prefer to know about potential rot during this initial phase, rather than adding on to a project after starting work. Of course, sometimes this can’t be avoided, but we find a thorough home review eliminates many surprises.

Fortunately, we didn’t find any additional problems beyond the one soffit. The gutter had been blocked by vegetation. Therefore, the soffit was retaining water for long periods of time. Additionally, the excess rainwater would spill over the side and run down the house. So, we first unclogged the gutter. Then we coated the drain area in order to make it water-tight, as well as make it difficult for new plants to take root.

All of the rotted wood was removed from the corner. Instead of replacing it with wood that would be susceptible to rot, we constructed the new soffit from a composite. This would prevent future rot from occurring.

After this soffit replacement, the home is looking and functioning great.

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Monk’s carpenters can make any necessary carpentry repairs to your home. This may include trim replacement, shingle replacement, column wrapping, a new railing system or a brand new deck. We work with wood and composite and will explain to you the benefits and drawbacks of each.

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