Exterior Painting with a Color Consultation

Project Info

Location: Millburn, NJ
Scope of Work: Color Consultation, Exterior Painting, Exterior Carpentry

These homeowners were ready to make their home really pop. They were tired of the plain white brick but weren’t sure about colors. Monk’s provided the homeowners with a complimentary color consultation from our partner, Sherwin-Williams.

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Colors That Pop

Monk’s Method

The first step was for our Estimator to visit the homeowners and discuss their project. In addition to exterior painting, they also requested some changes to the front of their home. They wanted to add a pediment over the front door. The pediment would add visual interest, but also serve to protect the entryway from the elements. So, the Estimator sketched up plans for the carpentry, per the homeowner’s instructions.

When the homeowners explained they wanted to make some bold color changes, but weren’t sure where to start, we suggested meeting with a color consultant. With our partnership with Sherwin-Williams, we offer complimentary color consultations with an exterior painting project. Working together, they came up with this eye-catching color combination.

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Then our painters can bring any color combination to life!

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