House, Porch and Deck Painting in NJ

Project Info

Location: Madison, NJ
Scope of Work: Exterior painting, Trim replacement

The front of this Madison, NJ home features a wooden plank exterior with a wooden front porch. In the back of the home, there is an attached wooden deck, along with a detached shed set back from the house. All of these painted wooden surfaces were showing signs of wear. Most notably, in the back of the home where it receives direct sunlight. Shed, house, porch and deck painting were provided to give this home a full exterior makeover.

Porch and Deck Painting
Finished Exterior Painting

House, Shed, Porch and Deck Painting

Many people believe that rain and moisture is the enemy of exterior paint. While water can most certainly damage wooden surfaces, it is actually the sun that causes the most damage to exterior paint. The rear of this home receive direct sunlight and therefore the exterior paint was peeling off in large sections.

Although not as obvious as the rear siding, the rest of the home and wooden structures were in need of repainting. We began this project by sanding down to bare wood. Painters fully sanded all the siding, as well as the floorboards on the front porch. Once the sanding was complete, we primed all the bare wood. Painters applied two coats of primer to the “new” wood, followed by two coats of exterior paint. In between each coat, we lightly hand-sanded the areas. This helps the paint to adhere.

In addition to the house and porch, we also painted the shed, the back deck, and surrounding lattice.

Now all the exterior wood surfaces are protected from the elements, and the home looks great!