Painting a Home in New Vernon NJ

Project Info

Scope of Work: Exterior Painting
Location: New Vernon, NJ 07976

This stunning New Vernon, NJ farmhouse needed some exterior maintenance. The beautiful stone facade was in perfect condition, but the wooden portions of the home needed to be repainted. This included all the trim around the home, a large two-story, four-car garage, and a poolside pergola.

After the Garage was Painted
After the Garage was Painted

Monk’s Method

We began the project by power washing the home with a bleach mixture to remove the mildew from the exterior.

Afterward, we scraped all the loose paint off the garage, trim and pergola. All of these areas were lightly sanded by hand. This helps remove any remaining loose paint, as well as scuff the area so the new paint will adhere better. All bare wood areas were primed. This is most clearly seen on the side wall of the garage where all the white primer has been applied.

After the areas have been thoroughly prepped and primed, we began painting. The homeowners wanted to change the color of their garage from a deep red to a dark blue. Two coats of premium exterior paint were applied to achieve the desired results.

The trim and pergola were painted white. We brushed on one coat to these areas.

In 9 days this painting project in New Vernon was complete and ready to enjoy all summer long.