Painting a House in Historic Mount Tabor

Project Info

Location: Mount Tabor, NJ
Scope of Work: Exterior painting

Painting a house built in 1894 is a fun project. The homeowners selected new bright colors to compliment the rest of the neighborhood. We sanded the exterior down and applied two coats each of primer and paint.

Painting a Home in Historic Mount Tabor
Painting a Home in Historic Mount Tabor

Painting a House in Historic Mount Tabor NJ

This home on a hill has quite a presence coming up the road. It has a large columned porch that wraps around a portion of the home.  The front and back sides of the home each have unique features and almost appear as separate homes. The back of the home has an extended mahogany deck that we refinished the year prior. The new painting project with brighter trim will better match the deck than the current paint.

Due to the condition of the current paint job, we recommended to sand the home down to bare wood. Our painters started with this step. We taped up all the windows and doors. Then we used hand sanders to remove the old paint. Afterward, we power washed the home to remove any remaining dust.

Then we applied two coats of primer. Once the primer was completely dry, the painters applied two coats of premium paint. Lastly, the shutters were repaired and painted. We applied the color to a single shutter first to make sure the homeowner was pleased with the color combination. When we received the green light, we painted the rest of the shutters and reinstalled them.

Now, this bright blue home with purple shutters is ready to greet passersby.