Playset Staining and Deck Staining Project

Project Info

Location: Chatham, NJ
Scope of Work: Exterior staining

This backyard is complete with places for both adults and children. However, it was time for these places to get a little TLC. The second-story deck along with the playset was in need of a refresh. Since both structures are built from pressure-treated wood, they need to be protected every couple of years by restaining.

Playset Stained
Playset Stained

Playset Staining Project

This playset, complete with swings, slide, climbing wall, and picnic table, keep the children busy and active for hours in the spring and summer. After a few years outside in the sun and rain, the stain has faded and the pressure-treated wood is starting to show. Certainly, the children don’t care how the playset looks, but bare wood can also start to crack and splinter. So, keeping the playset in good condition is more about safety than appearance.

Monk’s painters started the playset staining project by pressure washing the structure. This removes loose paint and dirt. Then, the painters palm-sanded all the wooden portions of the playset. Then the painters applied two coats of semi-solid stain. Now, this playset looks great and can be safely enjoyed by all the neighborhood kids.

Deck Staining

We also need to make the two-story deck safe and attractive. The painters applied the same process to the deck. First, the painters power-washed the deck. The deck was washed from top to bottom, including the stairs, the railings, posts, and even underneath. Now that we had a clean surface, the painters lightly sanded the deck as well. Sanding the deck not only smoothes any rough surfaces but also allows for better absorption of the stain. The painters gave the deck a single coat of stain.

Time to start up the grill and get everyone outside to enjoy the sunshine.

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