Country Kitchen Transformed to Sleek and Modern

Project Info

Location: Madison, NJ
Scope of Work: Kitchen Remodel

This country kitchen in Madison, NJ had plenty of space, but still, the existing layout provided little storage or counter space. After working with one of our Designers, we planned a new kitchen layout that would double the counter space and drastically improve storage. Even better, the dated country kitchen would be swapped out for a sleeker, modern look.

Modern and Sleek Kitchen Remodel
Modern and Sleek Kitchen Remodel

Monk’s Method

As part of the redesigned layout, one window would need to be removed and covered up. While this isn’t a typical move, it allowed us to install a full wall of cabinetry, including a floor-to-ceiling pantry. Before installation, however, we needed to address a very uneven ceiling. Even with the existing support beam, we needed to box out part of the ceiling to make the room square. This was necessary so the cabinetry would fit in evenly across the room.

Once the room was square, we removed the country-style square tiles on the floor.  They were replaced with a popular wood plank-style porcelain tile. An island was added to the design, greatly adding to the countertop and storage areas. Also included in the island is a built-in microwave.

The backsplash behind the stove was a glass mosaic subway tile that was laid vertically. All of the finishes really delivered a sleek, modern kitchen.

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