Kitchen Layout Reconfigure and Remodel

Project Info

Location: Madison, NJ
Scope of Work: Kitchen Remodel

This Madison, NJ kitchen contained some poorly placed items that made cooking and cleaning more difficult than it needed to be. The homeowners wanted a better-designed kitchen so they could truly enjoy the heart of the home. So, they turned to the designers at the Monk’s Kitchen and Bath Design Studio.

Kitchen Layout Reconfigure and Remodel
New Single Oven with Microwave Hood

Monk’s Method

Considering the time spent in your kitchen, an inconvenient kitchen layout can be very annoying. This Madison, NJ kitchen contained some poorly placed items that made cooking and cleaning more difficult than it needed to be. Our designers specialize in kitchen planning and were able to reconfigure this kitchen into a fully functioning space.

Discussing the Layout Reconfiguration

Firstly, we asked the homeowners how they used their kitchen. What did they like? What drove them crazy? For example, we learned that their small corner sink wasn’t adequate for washing up. Also, their large side-by-side double oven rarely was used. On the other hand, they used their integrated sideboard and wanted that to stay. Additionally, they love wine.

So, when we planned the redesign, we got rid of the double oven and replaced it with a standard unit. Instead of the large exhaust hood, we installed a microwave with exhaust. We also moved the sink out of the corner and in front of the window. So this allowed for a larger sink, a better view, and placement directly next to the dishwasher. Also, the refrigerator was moved to the opposite corner to allow for easy access from the table and family room. Lastly, a new wine refrigerator was incorporated into the design.

One of the unique features in the renovated kitchen is that all of the outlets are placed in strips underneath the cabinetry. Therefore, the backsplash is free outlets and achieves a cleaner look. We also framed the sink by adding glass door cabinets on each side.

The countertops are quartz, which is a popular material for countertops and can be purchased in our showroom. Quartz countertops are popular because they are durable, non-porous, and require no maintenance.

In only 5 weeks this kitchen layout reconfigure and remodel in Madison, NJ was complete.

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