Foldable Workbench Built-In to Garage

Project Info

Location: Madison, NJ
Scope of Work: Interior carpentry, Interior painting

Space comes at a premium in our tightly packed suburban homes in northern New Jersey. This homeowner desired a workspace in his garage without losing parking space. After finding inspiration online, our carpenters built and installed a foldable workbench to perfectly suit his needs.

Custom Built Foldable Workbench
Custom Built Foldable Workbench

Foldable Workbench

The homeowner discussed his vision with our carpenters. He wanted a table that would be securely built into the garage, and act like a drop-leaf. It needed to lay flat when not in use. This would maximize the available garage space.

After being briefed, the carpenters got to work securing the necessary materials. in addition to the wood, the carpenters also purchased spring-loaded hinges to best allow for easy creation and collapsing of the table.

Carpenters created the table and support brackets and securely attached the unit to the garage wall. They also added a rope pull to the table to facilitate lifting and lowering the table top.

Afterwards, we primed and painted the table white.

A narrow shelf is always horizontal and holds a few items. The remainder of the table top is secured vertically until it is needed.

These homeowners now have the foldable workbench they envisioned, in a size built specifically to fit their space.

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