Full-Service Home Improvements

Project Description

Location: Madison, NJ
Scope of Work: Interior Carpentry, Interior Painting, Tiling

This classic home features beautiful woodworking, multiple fireplaces, and lovely large windows. Its new homeowners wanted fresh paint and a rebuilt fireplace surround & mantel prior to moving in. We were able to do this all in one week immediately after closing.

New Stone Fireplace Facade
New Stone Fireplace Facade

Monk’s Method

The most popular home improvement project requested from new homeowners is interior painting. It is a fast project that can typically be done between close and move-in day. It gives the home a color scheme that appeals to the new owners and coordinates with their furniture and decor. Additionally, it gives the home a fresh, clean look.

The new homeowners requested that we paint the entire first floor of their new home, along with a couple of second-floor bedrooms.

Since we are a full-service home improvement provider, we were also able to complete some carpentry and tiling work in the same week.

The family room featured a wood-burning fireplace and built-in shelving. While the homeowner liked the features, they didn’t care for the look. They wanted to brighten up the room and rebuild the surround to something with cleaner lines. We removed the existing surround and mantel and built a more modern version from scratch. The unit was painted white and the room was painted a light beige color to match the rest of the downstairs living space. Lastly, we installed a stone tile facade to complete the updated look.

Upstairs, we got out the paint and brushes and transformed a very blue room to a subtler sage green color. Now the room is ready for a tiny princess.

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Monk’s can provide a full-service solution for any home remodeling project. We can provide services from design through to installation. See more of our interior painting projects in our photo gallery. We also provide carpentry, floor refinishing and installation, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, windows and doors.

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