Wall Safe Installation

Project Info

Location: Madison, NJ
Scope of Work: Carpentry

One of our customers had purchased a wall safe for his home. He wanted to make sure that it was installed properly and securely, so he called us to help him out. In half a day this wall safe was installed at the back of the closet.

Wall Safe Installation
Wall Safe Installation

Monk’s Method

Home safes are a great way to secure papers and valuables. A home safe eliminates having to make a special trip to the bank during banking hours to access your safe deposit box. This Madison, NJ homeowner wanted the added security of a fireproof and waterproof wall safe located in his home. The safe was sized to sit in between the wall studs, making the installation fairly straightforward for someone with carpentry experience and the right tools.

Enter our carpenters. We cut open the wall the exact size of the safe between two studs. We bolted the safe directly to the studs making the safe very secure.

In just an hour, this wall safe installation was complete.