Small Bathroom Remodel Morris Plains NJ

Small Bathroom Remodel Morris Plains

Scope of Work: Small Hall Bathroom Remodel
Town: Morris Plains, NJ
Timing: 3 weeks

Oftentimes the remodels we perform are simply bringing functional, but outdated, finishes up to modern standards. However, this bathroom remodel required more than cosmetic updates. The homeowners had stopped using this bathroom entirely. The main plumbing stack was coming through the rotted floor near the toilet. The rest of the bathroom would follow if it wasn’t repaired.

Small Bathroom Remodel Morris Plains, NJ

Vanity Before Remodel
Vanity Before Remodel
Floor Tile After Bathroom Remodel
Floor Tile After Bathroom Remodel
We began by removing everything from the bathroom. The room is very tiny, so the existing footprint would remain. Additionally, the small claw-foot tub just fits into the space. Therefore, a specialist was hired to reglaze it so it could be reused. But we would replace everything else in the bathroom.
We removed everything in the bathroom down to studs. Then plumbing and electric was replaced and brought up to modern specifications.
We replaced the bathroom window with a new energy-efficient window. Additionally, we swapped out the existing slatted bathroom door with a solid door to allow for more privacy.
The existing floor was very sloped. This required us to level the room. This would allow for the tub to drain properly and for the floor tile to lay flat. We installed a pretty black and white mosaic tile on the new floor.
Monk’s installed white subway tiles on the bathroom walls. We tiled the full length of the wall where the mirrors used to be, as well as behind the back wall where the shower is located.
Then we brought in the new vanity. Our painters painted the walls and new trim. We put in a new medicine cabinet, lighting and accessories.
Finally the tub was reglazed tub and was able to be placed back in the bathroom.
At last, the homeowners can use their hallway bathroom again!

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