Not just good, they are GREAT! Spanning a 27 year career in Real Estate and beginning in 1962, I have owned ten previous homes in various towns (five houses and three condos in NJ, plus two town homes in VA).
Only the two town homes in VA were new, all of the remaining eight were “fixer-uppers” including a 250 year old treasure in Chatham, NJ. Every single one required work, some more than others.
I wish I had known Monk’s back in the day and especially Travis Marion’s team. No matter what your home requires, be it painting, papering, new kitchen or bath, decorative touches like crown molding or making your color selections . . . they can do it all and their work is impeccable.
I have recommended them to family and friends and will use them again on my next “fixer-upper.” So anyone looking for “The Best Ever” to perform miracles in their home, give monk’s a call . . . they’re not just paint!
Mary Agnes Duncan