I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent job your men did in painting our house this summer. We found all of the men skilled, attentive and responsive to our needs–even when we discovered other things that needed to be done after the job had been essentially finished.

I wanted to especially write to celebrate what a great guy George Day is. He was with us all the way and did his utmost to make sure the job was lovely once finished, even as I say, when we discovered something late in the game that hadn’t been done or done properly. George is a helluva asset.

We also came to appreciate Diego and his ability to make things happen, and among the painters the only one I got to know a little was Carlos, and he was as hardworking and responsive as he was kind. Luckily, I speak Spanish, so it was a pleasure to dust off my Spanish, so that it was possible that everything could be accomplished with a certain amount of humor and good feeling.

You can definitely take pride in your company, and we wouldn’t use anyone else in the future because you do fine work, your prices are fair, and your people are first rate.