A year and a half ago I had window replacement and the exterior of my home painted. This year (05/15) I had my kitchen renovated with new wood floors and refinishing of the existing hardwood floors. Both times I worked with George Day. The reason I’ve used them for 2 such important home projects is because of their quality of work and because of George. From day one he has always come when he said he’d be there, returned all calls and answered all questions. Any crew he’s brought in, whether its Gilbert for the floors or Daniel for carpentry and painting, has done excellent work with the added bonus of being accessible, knowledgable and responsive to any concerns. Any ideas I had they translated for me. Examples: border on the hardwood, built in refrigerator, larger drawer under wall oven, kitchen window shelf, etc.
Additionally I worked with Melissa Eppler who assisted me in choosing counter materials and tile for my backsplash design. Her expertise was essential.
The Monks “Team” has on every occasion met, exceeded and enhanced expectations!