I had some serious doubt that anyone could meet my expectations when we decided to remodel our kitchen. We walked to Monk’s showroom one afternoon and met Marien. Thought the entire process Marien remained patient as we met with her at least half a dozen times over a three month period before finalizing our design. Once we agreed upon a start date we were introduced to Bill Buckner (no not the Ex-Cub/Red Sox baseball player!) who ran the project. We started by installing a hardwood floor and Bryner along his crew did an excellent job and set the tone for the rest of the project. We were then introduced to Isaac who installed our cabinets and appliances…what a craftsman! We were now ready for the installation of our backsplash and I said to Bill “spend me your best” and he did. John did a fantastic job! And finally Eric came into to put the finishing touches on the project by painting our ceiling, walls and baseboard. We needed to replace the trim around the window above the sink and Eric was able to match the stain that we had on the previous trim. We could not have been more thrilled with the result of the entire project. We now have Monk’s now working on a design for our laundry room.