From start to finish Monk’s

From start to finish Monk’s met our expectations with our recent kitchen renovation. Our kitchen was old and needed to be brought up to date (cabinets, appliances, lightening, flooring, and floor plan). From the onset at the planning stage both Jason Solomon (Monk’s Sales) and Marien Ronan (Monk’s designer) offered invaluable suggestions which we took advantage of and worked with us to manage the space effectively. At the conclusion of planning, the drawings produced by Marien met all our expectations.

Once the work began Nelson Santiago, (Monk’s PM), managed the job better than expected. He managed and kept all teams on point (Cabinetry, Electricians, Stone, and General work teams) moving forward safely during COVID-19. This included ordering additional materials mid-stream to manage slight deviations is workmanship. The job was estimated at 6 weeks (start to finish) and this schedule was achieved which very much pleased us. In addition, the cost fell within our expected budget (labor + materials).

I have used Monk’s now for several projects and would consider using them again in the future as I feel they are very reliable.
The end-state matched our original drawings perfectly making this experience very rewarding for us.
We are very pleased with the workmanship and professionalism Monk’s staff bring to a home improvement project.