Tried & True Renovations in Mendham, NJ

New Dressing Rooms



Scope of Work: Interior Painting, Interior Carpentry

Location: Mendham, NJ 07945

Timeline: 1 1/2 weeks


Monk’s Painting & Carpentry was called in to make over the Tried & True consignment shop in Mendham, NJ. The location was previously a pet supply store. It was in good condition but not suited as a clothing shop. The new owner wanted to brighten the space with lighter paint. Carpentry work was needed for a boutique feel and to create dressing rooms and displays.




Before Renovations at Tried & True in Mendham
Shop before Painting and Carpentry Mendham, NJ

Tried & True Consignment Shop in Mendham, NJ
Completed Project-Mendham, NJ


Once the crew arrived we covered the floors to protect them when we removed the drop ceiling.


Mendham Shop 88 W Main St
Removal of Ceiling Tiles – Mendham, NJ


The walls were prepped for new paint by filling in holes with spackle for a smooth, seamless surface before applying a fresh coat of paint.


Mendham Shop 88 W Main St
Prepping for New Paint – Mendham, NJ


New ceiling tiles were added once all the old tiles were removed.


Mendham Shop 88 W Main St
New Ceiling Tiles – Mendham, NJ


Our carpenters built custom shelving for the walls and hung clothing racks. This allowed the shop’s clothing and handbags to be neatly displayed.


Mendham Shop 88 W Main St
Custom Made Shelving – Mendham, NJ


The shop owner wanted to add dressing rooms in the back of the store. We built three rooms to allow customers to try things on before purchasing.

Mendham Shop 88 W Main St
Custom Made Dressing Rooms – Mendham, NJ


Once the dressing rooms were completely built we primed the wood and applied two coats of stain.


Mendham Shop 88 W Main St
Stained Dressing Rooms – Mendham, NJ


Monk’s painters applied the colors that were chosen for the space, a canary yellow and a burnt orange accent wall in the back wall of the shop.

Mendham Shop 88 W Main St
Applied Paint – Mendham, NJ


Our carpenters also created a mannequin stage by the front windows for displaying items.


Mendham Shop 88 W Main St
Mannequin Stage – Mendham, NJ


After a week and a half everything came together for the Tried & True shop with new paint, dressing rooms, window display and shelving. Best of luck with your new store!

The New Tried & True!

88 West Main Consignment Shop
Completed Project – Mendham, NJ

88 Main St Consignment Shop
Completed Project – Mendham, NJ


Another job well done by Monk’s Painting & Carpentry of Mendham, NJ

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