10 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

As we transition to colder weather, it’s important to take care of your home before the first frost hits. Here are ten tips for the interior and exterior of your home to prepare for the fall and winter months.

  1. Check your fireplace: Make sure your chimney is cleaned before excessive use. Keeping it clean can prevent a potential fire from occurring in your home.
  1. Clean your gutters: Clogged gutters can lead to exterior and interior wall damage, and foundation damage to your home.
  1. Inspect for rotted wood: Rotten wood on your home leaves your home susceptible to both water and critter damage.
  1. Remove garden hoses: You won’t be doing much watering once the snow starts falling. Bring your garden hose in to prevent it from freezing in the colder seasons.
  1. Proper Insulation: Is your insulation up to date? Make sure you have proper insulation to save on heating costs.
  1. Check your smoke detectors: If you neglect checking your smoke detectors regularly, chances are they won’t be working when a real emergency arises. 
  1. Use storm windows: Replace your current screen windows and doors with storm ones. This will keep your home better insulated and will cut down on heating costs.
  1. Cover your air conditioner: Covering your air conditioner for the winter will protect it from leaves and debris and becoming eroded.
  1. Caulk your windows: Caulking your windows will help prevent cool air from entering your home, therefore, saving on your heating bill.
  1. Check your Carbon Monoxide detectors: Take proper precautions this season. Check your carbon monoxide detectors so they’ll work in an emergency.

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10 Fall Home Maintenance Tips


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