Custom Built Wall Unit Chatham, NJ 07928

Custom Built Wall Unit

Scope of work: Custom Built In
Location: Chatham, NJ  07928
Timeline: 10 days


The owners of this Chatham, NJ home called us to construct a custom built in entertainment unit.  A custom built in is a great way to utilize every inch of space. Since we build it to spec, we’ll make sure that it meets all of your specific needs. This may include area for display, for discreet storage, and for housing electronic equipment, as in this instance.

Custom Built Wall Unit

To begin, the Estimator worked with the homeowner to design and plan out the custom built wall unit. He carefully measured the space and discussed the project with the carpenters.

We designed this custom wall unit to be multi-purpose. To that end, we planned and built the wall unit to house a television and other electronics. We made sure the built-in could easily accommodate any necessary wires and have clear access to outlets. With this particular custom built a custom lighting system for the unit, as well as new overhead lights, were installed.  We ran wires behind the chimney to keep them accessible, yet out of the way.

The owners of this Chatham, NJ home wanted an entertainment unit with recessed panel doors. Carpenters custom built recessed panel doors to achieve this look. We carefully handcrafted each piece on site. Carpenters built the entire structure from solid poplar wood. The carpenters carefully sanded the unit, filled the nail holes, and caulked all seams.

Afterwards, we painted the entire structure with a coat of oil based primer, and then two coats of interior semi gloss paint.

Custom Built In- Freshly Painted
Custom Built Wall Unit – Freshly Painted

We painted the surrounding interior spaces, including the ceiling, as well. A hand crafted, custom built in wall unit for this Chatham, NJ home was built by Monk’s in only 10 days.

See all the before and after photos of this custom wall unit project here.

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