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Mahogany Built-In to Match Existing


Scope of work: Like many homes, they had an old built-in cabinet that was made for a small TV, so it didn’t fit a modern large flat screen TV. It’s nearly impossible to find a cabinet with the exact dimensions you need, so they called us to create a custom built-in entertainment center for their home.

Location: Madison, NJ 07940

Timeline: 5 days


Before we started


Custom Entertainment Center
Custom Entertainment Center


Trevor Monk, the estimator on this project, drew out a plan to maximize the space so they could fit the biggest TV possible. The most important thing was making the new built-in cabinet match the rest of the room. As you’ll see with the book shelf below, the rest of the room has a mahogany style to it.


On the right you can see the mahogany style book shelf that was built-in to the other side of the room. Making the new cabinet match this book shelf was the most important thing


Getting the new built-in cabinet to match the old bookcase required a few things. First, they wanted to make the top of the cabinet a book shelf, so Trevor designed the cabinet to have open space at the top, rather than closed doors (like it would have on the bottom).


One of our guys working on the book shelf at the top of the cabinet’s frame.


The bookcase has a fluted trim on it and we wanted to match that. So we custom made the fluted trim on both sides of the new built-in cabinet, as you can see in some close-ups below.


The bottom of the custom made fluted trim



The top of the custom made fluted trim


But perhaps the most important aspect of getting the new built-in cabinet to match the old book shelf was getting the wood colors the same. Since all wood takes stains differently, we made samples with different stains on different wood until we figured out what matched the old book shelf.


The finished cabinet. The top was made to be a book shelf, to help it match the rest of the room. The middle can now hold a large flat screen TV. The bottom has space for a cable box, a DVD player, and much more.


Part of what we do on a project like this is we build everything on site (this project was a 2-3 man crew at all times). This ensures that everything fits perfectly, because not all walls and floors are perfectly flat. It also allows us to work closely with the customer on the project; they signed off on the wood stain samples the first day. We also review decisions like what size the door should be and different styling ideas with the customer.


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