Refinishing Cherry Floors in Basking Ridge, NJ

Timeline:  3 days

Scope of work: dustless floor refinishing

Location:  Basking Ridge, NJ 07920


This Basking Ridge condo was starting an interior painting job with Monk’s when they asked about the condition of their wood floors.

Basking Ridge Home- cherry wood floors before refinishing job by Monk's
Basking Ridge Home- cherry wood floors before refinishing job by Monk’s


These wood floors were suffering from severe sun damage.  The home’s sky lights and sliding glass doors had resulted in many years of sun exposure, which in turn had discolored the cherry floors.

Hard Wood Floors- sun damage evident


The homeowners were unsure as to whether or not their floors could be refinished, seeing as they had been refinished once before. Some hardwood like oak can be refinished multiple times, but these were cherry.


Basking Ridge Hardwood Floors- before sanding, sealing, and refinishing


Refinishing Cherry Floors

However, after a careful examination our team at Monk’s determined that these floors could be restored and made to look as good as new.  A dustless floor refinish was in store for this home!  A dustless floor refinish is a great way to spruce up a home.  It is practically inevitable that over time your home’s floors will become stained,  discolored, and that the finish will wear off off.  Our team can sand and refinish your floors in only a matter of days!  If your floors are beyond repair and the only option is to install new hardwood floors, our team at Monk’s can do that as well.  Our team is happy to consult with you to determine the state of your floors and whether refinishing or new floors is the path for you.


Refinishing Cherry Floors
A Monk’s Team Member- hard at work on a dustless resanding job

We have perfected our method of refinishing here at Monk’s, making it a pain-free experience for the home owner.  A dustless floor refinish like this job can be done in only three days!  Our process includes stripping the current floors (if you have carpet we can get rid of that too), sanding, refinishing, and coating with sealer and poly.  In this particular job we applied one coat of sealer and two coats of poly.

Basking Ridge Home- in midst of hardwood refinishing project

Oftentimes people will choose to redo their hardwood floors and repaint their interiors at the same time.  Here at Monk’s we offer both services and can easily plan a project that will freshen up your walls and your floors!

Dustless Floor Refinishing- in process

With only a little bit of the floor done we can already see the great impact that refinished floors can have on a room!

Hardwood Floor Refinishing- Basking Ridge, NJ

When we say dustless– we mean dustless! Look at the two images below to see a ledge in the room being worked on before and after.

Before…the ledge is dustless!

Ledge before dustless floor refinishing
Ledge before dustless floor refinishing

And after…the ledge is still dustless!

Ledge after dustless floor refinishing
Ledge after dustless floor refinishing


Sparkling floors, and another job well done by Monk’s!

Basking Ridge, NJ- Dustless Floor Refinishing, Completed Job


Hardwood Floor Refinish- Basking Ridge, NJ


Another job well done by Monk’s! If you are considering dustless floor refinishing, we would like the opportunity to tell you why we think we are the best dustless floor refinishing contractor in Basking Ridge, NJ (07920)! Call us at 973-635-7900 to schedule your free estimate.