Improving Backyard Access in Madison NJ

New Final Connected Porches

Scope of Work: Porch Extension
Town: Madison, NJ
Timing: 3 days

As summer nears, cooking shifts outdoors and the grill takes center stage. These Madison, NJ homeowners love to grill, but they had a slight problem. Their screened in porch was conveniently located right off the kitchen. However, the porch had no access to the backyard where the grill was located. This meant that the griller was making trips through the house to access the grill and back through to enter the porch. They decided that this summer they were done with running in circles, and they called Monk’s to improve their backyard access.

Adjoining a Back Porch to the Back Stairs

Existing Separate Porch and Stairs
Existing Separate Porch and Stairs
Completed Carpentry to Adjoin the Two Structures
Completed Carpentry to Adjoin the Two Structures
New Backyard Access
New Backyard Access

First we outlined the plan for this porch extension. We planned on removing one section of railing from both the stairs and the adjacent porch. The section removed from the screened in porch would be replaced with a storm door.

Before installing the door, we needed to remove some of the bluestone that served as a baseboard around the porch. This would allow for a standard sized door to fit, and also make the threshold more manageable.

The floor from the landing was extended to connect to the screened in porch. A railing system was also installed to connect the two structures. The lattice work around the stairs was removed and replaced with a single piece that extended the length of the pass-through.

All the new pieces were stained or painted to match the existing structure.

Enjoy summer with your improved backyard access! Bon appétit!

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