If you are like most of our customers, your biggest questions involving your bathroom remodel are how much will it cost? and how long will it take?

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you what your bathroom remodel will cost without seeing your space and getting a sense of the finish materials you want. However, we can give you an outline for a typical bathroom remodel timeline. Then, at the time of your free estimate, we will give you a better sense of both the timeline and cost for your specific bathroom project.

So there are two types of bathroom remodels:

Bathroom Makeovers

  • This type of project is done to make cosmetic improvements to an existing space.
  • No plumbing or electrical changes are involved.
  • A bathroom makeover typically includes replacing tile, installing a new vanity and toilet, and then painting the bathroom.
  • This type of bathroom renovation is much quicker because you don’t need to get permits and wait for inspections.
  • We will be working on site every day until the job is completed.
  • About two-thirds of the bathrooms we do fall into this category.
  • Expect a bathroom makeover to take between one to two weeks to be completed.

Bathroom Makeover Example - Before & After

Full Bathroom Remodel or Installing a Brand New Bathroom

  • This job will require a permit.  Getting a permit means getting multiple inspections, so that means a lot of waiting.
  • Assuming an average hallway bathroom of 8′ x 5′, or, 40 sq. ft., you should budget between four and five weeks.
  • Very large master bathrooms may take six to eight weeks to be fully completed.
  • Also, renovating two adjacent bathrooms together will save you time. Generally, this only adds one to two weeks to the initial timeline.

Additionally, this timeline does not include the installation of custom glass shower doors which need to be templated and installed. On average, custom shower doors take three weeks to arrive from the day they are templated.

Full Bathroom Remodel Example - Before & After

Trades Involved In a Full Bathroom Remodel

For a complete bathroom renovation or the installation of a new bathroom, your project manager will be coordinating at least six completely different trades, and possibly as many as ten.  However, we only schedule one trade per day to ensure that the different tradesman aren’t tripping over each other in the small space of your bathroom.

Up to 10 Different Trades

  1. Demolition company
  2. Carpenters
  3. Plumbers
  4. Electricians
  5. Tile installers
  6. Painters
  7. Glass/Shower door installer
  8. Countertop installers
  9. Faux painters
  10. Designers


General Bathroom Remodel Timeline
for a 40-80 sq ft Full Bathroom with Permits

Week 1

Day 1     Firstly, all demolition complete and carted away from the site. (No dumpster in your driveway for a month)

Day 2     Complete any necessary framing.

Day 3     Plumber “roughs” the bathroom.

Day 4     Electrician “roughs” his wiring.

Day 5     Then, carpenters complete any minor remaining carpentry.

Day 6 – 7     Saturday & Sunday

Week 2

Day 8     Plumber returns to complete shower pan. Call for Inspections.

Day 9 – 14 “Rough” inspections take place during the second week. Specifically, the plumbing, electrical, framing, insulation, and fire-stop inspections take place.  After the framing inspection is completed, then the insulation is installed.

Week 3

Day 15     Install new window and doors.

Day 16     Install drywall and cement board.

Day 17     Re-coat the spackle on the drywall.

Day 18     Start installing tile.

Day 19     Continue installing tile.

Day 20 – 21 Saturday & Sunday

Week 4

Day 22    Continue installing tile.

Day 23     Complete tile and any remaining trim.   Call for shower door template.

Day 24    Grout the tile.

Day 25    Prime and paint the bathroom.

Day 26    Install the vanity.

Day 27 – 28   Saturday & Sunday

Week 5

Day 29     Vanity countertop template. Custom mirrors are templated if ordered.

Day 30    Complete painting the bathroom.

Day 31    Electrician returns to install electrical fixtures.

Day 32 – 33    Waiting for fabricating of tops

Day 34 – 35  Saturday & Sunday

Week 6

Day 36     Next, the vanity top is installed.

Day 37     Plumber returns to install the sink, toilet and shower heads.

Day 38 – 39  Bathroom is functional with the exception of the shower. Many customers put up a temporary shower curtain with a tension rod.

Day 40     Finally, shower door arrives and is installed. Call for final inspection.

Keep in mind that this bathroom remodel timeline assumes a normal sized bathroom without any surprises or hiccups. Accordingly, larger bathrooms take more time for the framers, the plumbers, the electricians, the tile installer and the painters. Also, custom built-ins will take 2-3 more days. Failing an inspection or finding out that the inspector is sick or on vacation can also delay the timeline.

Bathroom Remodel Timeline With Monk’s

Monk’s Home Improvements, along with our Kitchen & Bath Design Studio, work together to plan out your project as efficiently as possible. We also order and deliver your materials (vanity, tile, fixtures) and take inventory before we begin. Therefore we minimize any surprises or delays.

To schedule a free estimate for your New Jersey bathroom remodel, call 973-635-7900 or book online today.

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