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Scope of work:  CarpentryExterior Painting

Location: Madison, NJ  07940

Timeline: 3 days


When our team at Monk’s arrived on the job at this Madison, NJ home to complete a routine exterior painting job another challenge was thrown our way.  The front portico of this home was rotting from water damage, and its poorly designed flat roof was actually funneling water towards the house creating water damage in the home’s entryway.  The homeowners thought that the entire structure would need to be scrapped and replaced.  Our innovative team at Monk’s came up with a solution for repairing the structure, allowing the original structure to stay standing, and saving the homeowners the cost of building an entirely new portico.



Portico Before Renovation by Monk's- Madison, NJ
Portico Before Renovation by Monk’s- Madison, NJ



Completed Portico Repairs by Monk's- Madison, NJ 07940
Completed Portico Repairs by Monk’s- Madison, NJ 07940


The problems with the portico were all caused by the design of the roof.  With a flat roof the portico was trapping water on top of it, even worse, some of the water was being funneled backwards towards the home and causing water damage in the entryway.  Our team at Monk’s determined that if the peak of the roof was raised by eight inches the roof would be able to properly funnel rain water off, and away from the home.  For the new roof our team installed flashing siding and roofing, materials that would help fortify the structure and prevent future damages.


Portico Renovation by Monk's
Portico Roof Renovation by Monk’s


Besides raising the portico’s roof our team also helped upgrade the portico’s columns.  The original columns were pine.  Pine is a sturdy material, but like any natural wood it is going to be susceptible to water damage.  Our team at Monk’s wrapped these columns with composite which is moisture resistant material to help prevent future damages.


Portico Rebuilding with Azek by Monk's- Madison, NJ 07940
Portico Rebuilding with Azek by Monk’s- Madison, NJ 07940


The decorative dental molding seen at the front of the portico was also experiencing some weather related rotting.  Our team once again used composite to rebuild the deteriorated portions.


Dental Molding Repairs by Monk's
Dental Molding Repairs by Monk’s


In addition to all of the upgrades given to the portico the entire house was also given a full exterior paint job.


Newly Painted Madison, NJ Home
Newly Painted Madison, NJ Home


In only three days our team at Monk’s was able to improve this Madison home’s portico.  With a new design that will prevent future water damages, and newly rebuilt composite features, this portico not only looks great, but is sure to last a long while.  The home’s new exterior paint job gives the entire home a crisp new look.


Completed Portico Renovation by Monk's
Completed Portico Renovation by Monk’s


Completed Exterior Paint Job and Portico Renovation by Monk's
Completed Exterior Paint Job and Portico Renovation by Monk’s

Another great project by our team at Monk’s!


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