Built-In Corner Shelving in Morristown NJ

Project Info

Location: Morristown, NJ
Scope of Work: Corner Shelving and Floating Mantel

The finished basement in this Morristown, NJ home featured a cozy den area complete with a flat-screen TV. The homeowners then added a free-standing fireplace underneath the wall-mounted TV.  They called in our carpenters to build a floating mantel over the fireplace, as well as corner shelving built-ins to add character as well as function to the room.

After Corner Shelving Built Ins
After Corner Shelving Built Ins

Monk’s Method

After clearing the area of the free-standing shelving unit, the carpenters began by measuring the space. We worked with the homeowner to confirm the spacing and number of shelves to meet the look and functionality she desired. The shelves and brackets were all custom cut and installed.

The floating mantel was created to fit below the television and around the fireplace unit. Aesthetically, the goal was to give the fireplace a more permanent and traditional feel. From a functional standpoint, the mantel also served as a console for the television and related electronics. The mantle was also custom built and installed.

Once the carpentry was complete, our painting crew arrived. They applied two coats of primer to seal the raw wood. After those coats had dried thoroughly, two coats of paint were then applied.

In just 3 days this custom carpentry and painting job was complete. Now this basement den is even more cozy.

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