Fireplace Surround Chatham NJ

Project Info

Location: Chatham, NJ
Scope of Work: Fireplace Surround

This living room featured a lovely fireplace and mantel. However, the room was lacking any storage or display space. The homeowners wanted to create a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall set of built-ins that would surround their fireplace and existing mantel. In 3 days we built and installed this custom feature and primed and painted it.

Completed Fireplace Surround
Completed Fireplace Surround

Monk’s Method

The homeowners wanted their new built-in to be floor to ceiling and run the full width of the wall. However, they wanted their fireplace mantel to remain entirely as-is. We suggested modifying the mantelshelf so the built-ins could sit flush next to the fireplace, but that suggestion was not approved. The other requirement was to build a shelf large enough to accommodate a flat screen TV that the family used in the room.

So, after a drawing of the built-ins was finalized, we began building the shelving based on these specs. The carpentry portion of this project took us about a day and a half.

Then the painters came and applied two coats of primer to the raw wood. Once these coats were dried, they then applied two coats of premium paint. This would protect the shelving from whatever the homeowners decided to store or display on the shelves. We also painted the trim throughout the room so it would be a perfect match to the new built-ins.

We added the door hardware to provide the finishing touch to complete this custom built-in.

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