Pine Floor Refinishing Bernardsville, NJ 07924

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Location: Bernardsville, NJ
Scope of Work: Pine Floor Refinishing

Pine Floor Refinishing

Monk’s Method

Over time the floors had begun to wear down, as is natural with all hardwood floors.

These floors had also acquired some unsightly black stains.  To get rid of the eyesores our team at Monk’s began by completely sanding down all of the floors.  Our team at Monk’ uses a dustless floor refinishing system.  This process ensures that the job will be quick, and efficient; but most importantly it will keep your house clean!. Once the floors were sanded our team applied a layer of seal coat to the floors.  Seal coat is a way to treat your hardwood floors without adding any additional color.  Since the homeowners wanted to retain the natural look of their wood we did not stain the floors, but instead treated them with seal coat.  Once the seal coat has dried two coats of polyurethane were applied to the floors. In the middle of the floor were round iron heating grills.  Our team removed the heating grills, thoroughly cleaned them, and repainted them black.Hardwood Floor Refinishing Bernardsville, NJ

In only three days our team at Monk’s had these hardwood floors looking as good as new! Another job well done by our team at Monk!

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