Refinishing Water Damaged Hardwood Floors East Hanover, NJ

Project Info

Location: East Hanover, NJ
Scope of Work:  Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Interior Painting

The hardwood floors of this bedroom had been severely water damaged. With an advanced system of dustless floor refinishing our team was able to nearly remove the unsightly water damage and bring these hardwood floors back to their original shine; and in only four days!

Repaired Flooring

Monk’s Method

Whether your hardwood floors are water damaged, or are simply aged and worn down, our team at Monk’s uses the same thorough and effective refinishing system to bring your floors back to life.  Our team begins the project by thoroughly sanding the entire surface of the floor. A solid, smooth surface remains. As you can see below, much of the stain from the water damage was removed during the sanding process.

However, since some damage is still visible, we applied a dark stain to help cover the remaining discoloration.

Three coats of poly were applied, protecting and treating the wood while giving it that beautiful newly refinished shine!  Each coat requires about one day to dry.

While on site, our team also gave the bedroom a new interior paint job.  With the newly refinished floors and some fresh paint on the walls, this room is looking great!

The floors of this East Hanover, NJ home look totally different!

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