Column Wrap Using Azek Composite

Column Wrap With Azek Composite

Scope of Work: Front Column Wrap
Town: Morristown, NJ
Timing: 2 days

The stately front columns of this Morristown, NJ home were beginning to rot at the bottom. Where the column meets the front porch and the rain water and snow collect causes problems for natural wood. We reconstructed these columns with composite to protect them from future rot.

Column Wrap With Composite

Wrapping Columns with Azek
Column Wrap with Azek Composite
Column Wrap With Azek Composite
View of Finished Azek Columns

Firstly, all the rotted wood was removed. This was primarily on the base caps, but also included the entire left half column that butts up against the wall of the home. In both these instances, water can get trapped or pool near the small spaces between the column and the house. That is what caused the rot for both the half column and the base caps. Lastly, the crown from the top left column was  also removed.

All of the rotted wood was replaced with Azek composite trim. This composite material looks like wood, but doesn’t rot like natural wood. AZEK trim can also be used around bay windows, like this project we completed in Basking Ridge.

Afterwards, the painters painted the composite white to match the existing.

In just two days, we replaced and repainted portions of these columns, making them much more durable.

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