New Columns for a Back Door Overhang

Project Info

Location: Madison, NJ
Scope of Work: Exterior Carpentry and Painting

The back door overhang at this Madison, NJ home was covering a small wooden porch leading to the driveway. The porch was rotting, along with the adjacent cellar door. The homeowners decided that the porch was unnecessary, but wanted to keep the overhang. We retrimmed the overhang and installed new columns.

Back Door Overhang with New Columns
Back Door Overhang with New Columns

Monk’s Method

For this project, we started by removing the existing rotted porch and railings. The carpenters installed new 4×4 posts.

The homeowners brought in a mason who replaced the asphalt driveway with paver stones. The mason put in two steps leading up to the back door. This would essentially replace the wooden porch.

Once the masons were finished, we continued with the carpentry work. Azek was used to trim the back door overhang, and to wrap the columns. The new columns are longer than before, as they run from the overhang to the driveway.

The carpenters patched up the siding where the railing was previously attached.

Now, this back door overhang offers protection from the rain, without the required maintenance of a wooden porch.

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