Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Hardwood Floor Install & Refinishing

Scope of work: Dustless Floor Refinishing, Floor Installation and Interior Painting

Location:  Bernardsville, NJ  07924

Timeline:  5 days

New Homeowners

It is very common for new homeowners to want to make cosmetic changes to their newly purchased homes. The most typical requests we get from new homeowners are for interior painting and floor refinishing projects. Both improvements are fairly quick to complete, and provide new owners with a fresh, clean canvas with which to add their personal style.

These clients had just purchased a home in Bernardsville, NJ. Initially they had called us to schedule an estimate for interior painting.  Estimator, Kurt Becker, explained that we could take care of their interior painting, as well as their hardwood floor installation & refinishing.  Kurt coordinated the painting and flooring crews in order to get the projects done seamlessly. This allowed the homeowners to move in as soon as possible.


Floor Installation & Refinishing

The living and dining rooms featured beautiful oak flooring that only needed to be refinished. However, the foyer of the home featured parquet flooring which did not match the adjoining rooms. The homeowners wanted a uniform look for the flooring throughout their first floor. Uniform flooring improves flow, making the area appear larger.



The first step was bringing the new oak flooring into the house. The lumber needs to sit in the environment where it will be installed in order to acclimate. Acclimating the wood prevents the wood from contracting or expanding once it’s installed.

Monk’s flooring crew then removed the parquet flooring in the foyer. Afterwards, we installed the new oak hardwood flooring.

In tandem, the painting crews worked on their portion of the project. They removed the wallpaper and they scraped and cleaned the glue from the walls. The walls were then spackled and smoothed before two coats of oil based primer were applied.  Two coats of premium interior paint were then applied.

After the hardwood was in, all of the flooring was sanded down. We use a dustless sanding system to trap the sawdust with HEPA filters and efficiently remove it from the home. Monk’s flooring crews apply a sealer after sanding the floors. Afterwards, they follow the sealer with two coats of polyurethane.

After five days this Bernardsville, NJ home has a uniform, updated look. The new homeowners can move in and add their finishing touch.

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