Painted Front Door For a New Look

Freshly Painted Front Door

The front door is a small, but important part of any home. From an aesthetic standpoint, the front door can add to curb appeal. It can provide a pop of color. Plus, it’s always the first thing that people see when they come to your home. This Madison, NJ front door was not looking its best. Monk’s painters revived this front door, as well as protecting it from the elements.

Scope of Work: Front Door Painting

Location: Madison, NJ

Painted Front Door

Fiberglass Door With Peeling Gel Stain
Fiberglass Door With Peeling Gel Stain
Painted Front Door
Painted Front Door

This fiberglass front door was originally given a gel stain covering. While the medium red brown color was very attractive, it wasn’t holding up. The gel stain was peeling off the front door. The homeowners opted to go with a solid paint to repair the door.

Monk’s painters started the project by sanding the door. This took off any loose gel stain, as well as rough up the surface of the door. A rough surface allows the paint to adhere better. We applied an oil-based primer. Once that was dry, two coats of dark brown paint were applied.

Now, this freshly painted front door is ready to face the sun and rain without peeling or fading.

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