New Construction Painting in Chatham, NJ

New Construction Painting

Scope of Work: Exterior Painting

Location: Chatham, NJ 07928


We were lucky enough to paint for one of the oldest and most established builders in Chatham and Madison.  New construction painting differs from repaints in many ways and requires a different approach than painting an old 1930’s home.

New Construction Painting

The first big difference is that we are typically working in a giant mud pit.  This is because it is better to paint new homes prior to the landscaping being installed.  On a normal painting job, we are the only contractor on site. However, on a construction site there are typically 10-15 people from other companies working alongside each other.  We are lucky enough to be part of the Demarzo team, and they use the same contractors. This helps create a comfortable work environment for everyone from the driveway installer to the painter.

On a new construction home, the builder and the painter control everything about the exterior of the home.  Cedar siding, composite trim and quality paint create a protective barrier over the house that will last years if maintained properly.

We always prefer to use Sherwin-Williams Duration paint for composite trim. We use an epoxy mix from Minwax to fill the nail holes in the composite.  This putty wears better over long periods of time in a material like composite that expands and contracts more than wood.

Even though the cedar siding comes pre-primed, we prime it again with Cover Stain from Zinsser.  All of the nail holes and seams on the house have bare cedar exposed which can cause the cedar in those areas to bleed through the paint. We don’t like to tint our primer. Tinting the primer makes it harder to tell if you have missed an area or if you have two good solid coats of paint on your home.

We prefer to use low lustre finish on the exterior siding to allow for easier cleaning in the future.

The copper roof is covered with plastic to protect it from paint as these Chatham painters apply the first coat to the house.

This color is “Blue Note” from Benjamin-Moore and is one of the more popular colors because of how great it makes a home look. Now this home is ready for the new homeowners to enjoy. See all of the photos from this exterior painting project at the New Construction Painting project page.


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