New Red Front Door Says Welcome

Project Info

Location: Florham Park, NJ
Scope of Work: Front door installation, painting

A red front door has meant various things to various cultures throughout history. To the Scots, a red door means that they have paid off their mortgage. To the Chinese, red is lucky. Applying the principles of feng shui, a red door invites positive energy and good luck into the home. Historically, in America, a red front door has been a welcoming symbol to travelers. During the Civil War, red front doors were a way to guide escaped slaves through the Underground Railroad.

For this Florham Park, NJ home, a new red front door was added to improve the home’s curb appeal. It most certainly says “welcome” to guests.

New Red Front Door
New Red Front Door

Monk’s Method

A front door replacement is a quick way to add curb appeal to your home. A new door can also improve energy efficiency by reducing draughts. These homeowners wanted a similar door style, but one that would eliminate draughts, therefore eliminating the need for a storm door.

After the Estimator came out and took measurements, the homeowners met with a Door & Window specialist at our Morristown showroom.  They selected a solid wood door that we ordered and delivered. They also selected a special brass mail slot that would create a patina as it aged.

Our carpenters installed the new wood front door. Then, our painters primed the door with an oil-based primer. Once dry, they followed the primer up with two coats of exterior paint.

Now, this front door is a very welcoming bright red. No matter what it symbolizes to you, it is very pretty!

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