Built to Match Railings on New Porch Steps

Project Info

Location: Madison, NJ
Scope of Work: Carpentry and Exterior Painting

The quaint full-width front porch of this Madison, NJ home is a great feature. However, since the porch is constructed of natural wood, it does require regular maintenance. In addition, the homeowners wanted to make getting up and down the porch safer by adding railings to both sides of the stairs.

New Porch Steps with Built To Match Railings
New Porch Steps with Built To Match Railings

Monk’s Method

Built to match railings are really the only option for this lovely custom-crafted front porch. Our carpenters used the existing railing system to inform how they created the new posts, post caps, rails and balusters that all matched perfectly. The new railings are safe and sturdy and look like they’ve always been there.

With a natural wood porch, rotting and warping happen often. In this case, the stairs all needed to be replaced. In addition, there were some skirt boards that also needed to be replaced. We replaced the rotted boards and rebuilt the stairs.

The floorboards were worn and the railings needed to be repainted. Once the carpenters were finished, the painters began their work. The raw wood received two coats of primer, sanding in between each coat. The rest of the structure was hand sanded and repainted. After two days of painting, this porch was in good condition.

Get out the lemonade and rocking chairs. This porch is spring and summer ready!

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