Cedar Siding and Porch Repair – Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Project Info

Location: Bernardsville, NJ
Scope of Work: Cedar siding installation and porch repair

This began as an exterior house painting. Before the exterior of this house could be painted it would have to be completely sanded. However, the shingles on one side of the house were in such poor condition that a sanding job was actually impossible. Therefore, we determined that these shingles would need to be replaced.

New Cedar Shingles

Monk’s Method

This particular side of the house had suffered from severe sun damage seeing as it received more sunlight than any of the other three sides of the house.  The natural, inevitable, damage of the elements also had taken its toll on these cedar shingles. Replacing these damaged cedar shingles is not only important for aesthetic reasons, but it also helps maintain the exterior of the home.  Despite the severe damage these shingles had suffered, our team at Monk’s would be able to replace them and have this side of the home looking good as new in only two days!

In order to complete this project, we removed all of the existing shingles and wrapped the house in tyvek.  We arranged the cedar shingles in a staggered pattern, making them appear to be different sizes. This particular job took about six cases of premium red cedar shingles.  Each shingle comes pre-primed, meaning that it is dipped in primer on all six sides; this adds protection.

The cedar shingles weren’t the only part of this home suffering from weather damage.  Additionally, portions of the porch were also in need of repair and replacement.  We replaced the rotted floorboards with new mahogany wood boards. The lattice-work of this deck was also rotting and in need of a replacement. By replacing the rotting mahogany floorboards the structural soundness of the porch is not only improved, but a serious eyesore is also removed! Then, the lattice boards were replaced.  The new lattice boards are also built from azek.  Azek is a moisture-resistant material, ensuring that these new lattice boards can sit in the ground without the fear of rotting. In only two days our team at Monk’s was able to transform the exterior elements of this Bernardsville 07924 home.

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