Deck and Trellis Staining in Madison NJ

Project Info

Scope of Work: Deck and Trellis Staining
Location: Madison, NJ

As with all pressure-treated decks, the sun and moisture require a regular maintenance schedule for the structure. This wooden back deck was due for a little TLC. The existing stain was almost non-existent, exposing the wood to the elements. Monk’s painters restained the structure, as well as the adjoining trellis, to protect the wood. The new stain also made the backyard deck look great.

Deck and Trellis Staining in Madison NJ
Deck and Trellis Staining in Madison NJ

Monk’s Method

This project took 2 days. Since there was so little existing stain left on the wood, we didn’t need to apply a paint stripper. Instead, we began by pressure-washing the deck and trellis.

Once the structure was dry, the painters sanded everything. Light hand-sanding was done to smooth the surface and expose the bare wood so the stain would adhere. After the sawdust was removed, the solid stain was applied. Since the entire deck and trellis is made of pressure-treated wood, all surfaces were stained. This gave the multi-level structure a cohesive appearance.

The brown stain with red undertones is a natural look and complements the green grass and plantings that surround the deck and trellis.

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