Painting Textured Shakes

Project Info

Location: Madison, NJ
Scope of Work: Carpentry and Exterior Painting

For this project, we carefully scraped and primed the shingles before repainting. In addition, the back steps off the porch were rotting and needed to be rebuilt. In just a week this home was looking great once again.

Painting Textured Shakes
Painting Textured Shakes

Monk’s Method

For this project, we started by making the carpentry repairs. We replaced the rear trim peaks with new composite boards. We removed the rotted back stairs and rebuilt them with pressure-treated wood.

Because this home featured textured shingles, we could not sand them lke we’d do with standard cedar shingles. If we did, we would ruin the shingles. Instead, we scraped off the paint by hand and used a wire brush to try to remove the loose paint from the textured surface. Once the area was scraped, we pressure-washed the home to try to remove dirt and dust. Then, we spot-primed the exterior. Once dry, two coats of exterior paint were applied.

The pressure-treated back steps received two coats of primer and two coats of paint. The surfaces were lightly sanded by hand in between each coat of primer and paint.

Painting textured shakes for this one-story home was complete within a week.

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