Painting the YMCA

Project Info

Location: Madison, NJ
Scope of Work: Exterior painting

The F.M. Kirby Children’s Center of the Madison, NJ YMCA is constructed of maintenance-free brick. However, the paint on the wooden trim and ornamental pieces were badly peeling and in need of repainting.

Painting the FM Kirby Children's Center
Painting the FM Kirby Children’s Center

Monk’s Method

After inspecting the exterior trim, we identified a few pieces that were rotted and needed to be replaced. Fortunately, most of the trim was structurally sound and only required painting.

Firstly, Monk’s carpenters first replaced all rotted trim pieces. Then, the painters got to work by scraping all the loose paint from the trim. The painters sanded the areas and pressure washed the trim and cupola. Once the trim was dry, the painters primed and painted the areas a crisp white

This YMCA building functions as a kindergarten and daycare facility. For this reason, we worked exclusively on Saturdays. This allowed the facility to function normally while the project was being completed. We worked for 3 straight Saturdays in order to finish the project as soon as possible.

After painting the YMCA, the Kirby Center is looking great!

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