Staining Exterior Stairs in Chatham NJ

Project Info

Location: Chatham, NJ
Scope of Work: Stain Exterior Stairs and Rails
Timing: 2 days

These well-used stairs leading to the backyard were in need of some maintenance. Because the stairs are made of pressure-treated wood, they require regular stripping and staining to be properly protected from sun exposure.

In just two days we restored these exterior stairs and had them looking great.

Staining Exterior Stairs
Staining Exterior Stairs

Monk’s Method

To get these pressure-treated wood stairs back in shape, we began by first stripping the existing stain off the entire structure.  Afterwards, we thoroughly power washed the entire structure to remove all the stripper from the stairs.

Then we hand-sanded the surfaces to allow the new stain to adhere better. We stained the floorboards, handrails, and treads with a mahogany-toned stain.

We applied a solid stain on the posts, risers, lattice framing, and spindles.

Now these back exterior stairs are looking brand new.

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From exterior stair staining to porches and decks, Monk’s painters can help. These projects will take up your entire weekend if you DIY it. Let Monk’s handle it while you are at work so you can enjoy your days off.

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