Hardwood Floor Installation and Dustless Floor Refinish – Bernardsville, NJ 07924

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Location: Bernardsville, NJ
Scope of Work: Dustless Floor RefinishingFloor Installation, and Interior Painting

These Bernardsville homebuyers had a few projects they were looking to have completed. The homeowner’s were pleasantly surprised when they learned that Monk’s could take care of their interior painting, as well as hardwood floor installation and dustless floor refinishing.

Dustless Floor Refinishing

Monk’s Method

The existing hardwood floors in this home were in need of refinishing.  Floor refinishing is a great way to spruce up the interior of your home.  Over time it is nearly inevitable that hardwood floors will become scratched, worn, and that the finish will wear off.  The system of dustless floor refinishing which we provide is clean, easy, and fast. While the hardwood floors of this home did not need to be replaced and could be fixed up with our dustless refinishing system, the foyer of this home did not match the surrounding hardwood and these new homeowners wanted a uniform look for their floors.  Luckily our team at Monk’s can not only refinish your hardwood floors but can also install them!  Before the hardwood floors could be installed the existing floors had to be completely ripped out. Before the new oak floors are installed the lumber is brought into the house and sits for a few days.  By doing this we ensure that the lumber will acclimate to the climate of the house and will not buckle when installed. A system of hoses is brought into the house to complete the dustless floor refinishing.  Dustless floor refinishing is a great method of refinishing because it leaves you without the hassle of dirt and dust that comes with other refinishing processes.  It also minimizes the amount of construction that needs to be done inside of the house. The floors are then stripped to the bare wood.  In the photos below you can see members of our Monk’s team at work on the sanding process. Our process actually includes a first and second sanding, ensuring that your floors are completely smooth before we move to the next step of the process. After the floors are sanded a coat of sealer is applied.  Following the coat of sealer is two coats of polyurethane. In the photo below you see the rear sun room’s glistening floors.  Note, the high gloss on the floors  is due to the fact that the polyurethane had literally been applied minutes before.

While our team worked on refinishing and installing the hardwood floors the interior paint job (what this homeowner had originally called for) was also completed.  All of the wall paper was removed and the glue was scraped from the walls.  The walls were then spackled and smoothed before two coats of oil based primer were applied.  To complete our four coat system, two coats of finish were then added.

After five days this Bernardsville, NJ (07924) home has a great new look; refinished hardwood floors, and a hardwood floored foyer, creating a sleek unified look! Remember the disjointed feeling this foyer gave before the renovation?  Now this home has the sleek unified look the new homeowner’s were looking for.

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