Stairway Refinishing in Cedar Knolls NJ

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Location: Cedar Knolls, NJ
Scope of Work: Tread Refinishing and Interior Painting

There is one spot in the home that is well-traveled but often overlooked in design – The stairway connecting the first and second floors. These homeowners were not going to settle for a purely functional stairway. They wanted this part of their home to be as gorgeous as the rest. So they called Monk’s.

Stairway Refinishing in Cedar Knolls NJ
Stairway Refinishing in Cedar Knolls NJ

Monk’s Method

The first project which isn’t detailed here was the carpentry work. Monk’s carpentry crew installed chair rail and picture frame molding all along the staircase. Then our painters came in and painted the foyer and stairway. They painted both the walls and the new wainscoting.

Now our flooring crews got to work. The first step was hand sanding the treads and railings. While the floors were in good shape, the sanding was necessary to allow the dark stain to penetrate the wood. Then a dark ebony stain was applied to the treads, the landing, and the hand rail. These areas were sealed with two coats of polyurethane.

We completed the project by painting the risers and stringers, and the box newel and balusters. These were all painted a crisp white to match the new wainscoting. The contrast with the dark treads and railing is very striking.

This stairway refinishing project gave this home an elegant look that is on par with the rest of the home.

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