Painting Concrete with Epoxy in NJ

Project Info

Location: Chatham, NJ
Scope of Work: Painting Concrete Floors and Some Equipment (Commercial building)

This local factory needed to make some improvements to its work areas. At best, the concrete floor was worn bare. At worst, the floor had shallow holes and was starting to crumble. Besides not looking good, this also created a safety hazard. Monk’s painters gave this factory a facelift by repairing and painting all the concrete floors, as well as a large metal machine and storage locker.

Epoxy Applied to Concrete Floors
Epoxy Applied to Concrete Floors

Monk’s Method

Since the building is a working factory, we needed to complete this project in sections. This meant shuffling a lot of equipment around to clear a space of flooring in order to work.

Once an area was cleared, we patched any holes and filled any cracks in the concrete. Since the floor had been painted before, we scuffed the floor with sandpaper. When you are painting concrete, you need to make sure that the epoxy will adhere to the surface. Scuffing the floor will help the epoxy adhere. Then, any bare concrete areas were primed. Finally, we applied two coats of epoxy to the floor.

After the area had dried completely, we began the process again in a different area of the factory. In about a week, the process was complete.

Additionally, we also painted some equipment, as well as a large locker.

Now this Chatham NJ factory is looking tip-top.

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