Adding an Egress Window in Chatham NJ

New Egress Window

Scope of work: Window Installation
Location: Chatham, NJ 07928
Timeline: 1 week

These Chatham, NJ homeowners needed to maximize the use of their existing finished basement. A new baby was on the way and an additional bedroom was needed to accommodate the growing family. Therefore, we constructed a new basement in the bedroom complete with closets, built-in drawers, and a new egress window.

Adding an Egress Window

The first step in creating the new bedroom was to create the egress window.  An egress window is an important component of any basement bedroom. It is required in order to provide the room with an emergency exit. Additionally, fire code requires the window to be large enough for a fire fighter to fit through it with all of his equipment on. This space already had a window when our team arrived on the job, but it was not nearly large enough.

A well was dug outside of the existing window to create the exterior space required.  To ensure that the newly dug well would not flood, we ran a piece of PVC pipe from the well to the front of the house. This will drain any emerging water away from the house.


Egress Window Construction by Monk's Home Improvements
Egress Window Construction by Monk’s Home Improvements


We tested the space to make sure we addressed any potential flooding issues. Then, we cut into the foundation to enlarge the area needed to install the egress window.


New Space Built for the Egress Window by Monk's- Chatham, NJ 07928
New Space Built for the Egress Window by Monk’s- Chatham, NJ 07928


With the egress window in place, the interior work could begin. Carpenters framed out the walls for the new bedroom, as well as a new closet. We built the walls using greenboard, a water resistant material. Then we installed new baseboard, and window and door casings.

We maximized the amount of storage space by creating a custom built-in drawer unit. Finally, painters gave the walls and trim a full interior paint job to complete the project.

See all the photos of this egress window addition project here.


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