Front Door and Portico Installation in Chatham, NJ 07928

Front Door and Portico Installation

Scope of work: Exterior Carpentry
Location: Chatham, NJ  07928
Timeline: 10 days

Installing a portico offers practical elements to your home. Porticos protect your entrance way from sun and rain. However, the benefits of installing a portico go beyond simple protection.  Installing a portico can also dramatically improve the look of your home’s exterior, adding unique architectural detail.  The owners of this Chatham, NJ home asked us to perform a number of exterior changes to their home. These included installing a new front door, replacing rotted window trim, and building the new portico.  All of these exterior changes were completed in only ten days.

Front Door and Portico Installation

To begin this project our team installed the brand new front door that the homeowners had already purchased for their home. Replacing your front door is sometimes required maintenance, but it is always a great way to update the look of your home. Carpenters properly trimmed the door frame to accommodate the new front door. They completed this part of the project in half a day so the house was never left unsecured.

Next up, the carpenters began to build the portico. First, carpenters framed out the entire structure. Licensed electricians removed the sidelights and replaced them with an overhead light.

We crafted custom made mahogany brackets to perfectly fit the structure, while achieving the desired aesthetic.  The rest of the portico was crafted with Douglas Fir for framing and composite trim. Monk’s painters would eventually stain the wood beadboard ceiling.

While we were working on this Chatham, NJ home we discovered several portions of rotted window trim. Our team replaced the rotted window trim with composite, a moisture resistant material. With a new door, new portico, and replaced window trim, this home’s exterior is looking as good as new!

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