Egress Window Installation

Adding an egress window will bring natural light and ventilation into your basement. Importantly, egress windows provide a safe exit route in case of emergency, and is code-compliant for basement bedrooms.

A Safe and Light-Filled Basement

Monk’s Home improvements is a licensed home improvement contractor providing basement finishing and egress window installation. 

If you already have a finished basement, adding an egress window allows for a code-compliant basement bedroom. This is an inexpensive way to increase the number of bedrooms in your home, especially for home sale purposes.

Likewise, if you’re looking to finish your basement and add a basement window, we can help with both projects.  See more information on our basement remodeling process.

Basement Bedroom Egress Window by Monk's
Basement Bedroom Egress Window by Monk’s
Built-In Steps out of Well
Built-In Steps out of Well
Exterior View of Cover and Well
Exterior View of Cover and Well
Tilted Inward - Opened at the Top
Tilted Inward – Opened at the Top
Fully Opened Windows for Maximum Airflow and Egress
Fully Opened Windows for Maximum Airflow and Egress

European Tilt & Turn Egress Windows

Monk’s is proud to offer European Tilt & Turn windows. That’s because this type of window provides two distinct ways to open the window. Firstly, you can tilt open the top of the window for ventilation. Secondly, you can open the window inward a full 90 degrees for easy cleaning and maximum egress in an emergency situation.

European Tilt & Turn windows are quality engineered with premium materials that even meet commercial usage demands. These windows feature steel-reinforced frame and sash panels for maximum strength. In addition, high-performance vinyl is crafted in a sleek, stylish Euro-design. Also, vinyl delivers a maintenance-free finish that never needs painting or refinishing.

The egress windows we install are able to withstand extreme temperatures, wind-driven rains, and elevated design loads. Energy-efficient European Tilt & Turn windows will help pay for themselves in lower heating and cooling costs. Most notably, this window is guaranteed for a lifetime.

Egress Window Package

From $9,025

Monk’s will convert your standard-sized basement window into an egress window. The package includes the following:

  1. Standard size European Tilt & Turn window
  2. Modular window well & well cover
  3. Secure the permit and manage inspections
  4. Excavation
  5. Exterior framing using composite material
  6. Interior trim to match existing

Sump pump, along with required electrical and plumbing, is additional if required by the town.

An in-home estimate will allow us to assess your specific project and give you exact details of the type of window and window well we recommend.

Adding an Egress Window
Adding an Egress Window