Project Description

Location: Madison, NJ  07940

Scope of Work: Carpet Removal, Dustless Floor Refinishing, Wood Paneling Removal, Interior Painting, New Door Trim, Baseboard Molding, and Crown Molding Installation

Timeline: 3 days

Updated Family Room

There are certain things that are sure to date the interior of your home; wood paneling is one of them.  These Madison, NJ homeowners called in our team at Monk’s to give their home’s interior a fresh new look.  Our team removed the dated wood paneling and refinished the walls to give the room a new look and installed new baseboard molding, new crown molding, and new door trim.  The carpeting was also removed, uncovering hardwood floors that our team at Monk’s was able to refinish.  In only 3 days our team had transformed this room into a brand new space.

Monk's Method

To begin this project our team removed all of the existing wood paneling.  Once the new walls were exposed they were in need of some major care.  Our team came in to smooth and skim coat the walls of the entire room.

Our team at Monk’s always makes sure to thoroughly protect your home while we work.

Besides refinishing the newly exposed walls our team also installed new crown molding, new baseboard molding, and new door trim.  All of these fixtures are custom made to fit the room.  A crisp new molding is a great way to improve the look of a room.

Not only did our team remove the dated wood paneling on the walls but they also removed all of the carpets.  By removing the carpets they exposed hardwood floors that our team was able to refinish with our highly rated dustless floor refinishing system.  The floors were thoroughly sanded, stained, and coats of poly were applied.

In only three days our team at Monk’s was able to completely transform this room!

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After - Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Interior Painting, and Molding
Before - Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Interior Painting, and Molding