Dustless Floor Refinishing Stirling

Project Info

Location:  Stirling, NJ
Scope of Work: Dustless Floor Refinishing

This Stirling, NJ home was preparing to go on the market when our team at Monk’s was called in.  The hardwood floors were in bad shape and would need to be fixed up before the house was put up for sale.  In only two and a half days our team performed a dustless floor refinishing, breathing new life back into this home’s interior.

Water Damage Removed
Water Damage Removed

Monk’s Method

Over time it is natural for your home’s hardwood floors to become worn out and need a refinishing. This home’s floors were even more desperate for a refinishing since they had been damaged and stained by leaking house plants.

Hardwood floor refinishing is often a messy project.  Luckily our team at Monk’s utilizes a dustless floor refinishing system. Our team brings in a system of vacuums and hoses.  This makes it an efficient, and most importantly, clean process.

The floors were thoroughly sanded, making sure that every surface was perfectly smooth.  The homeowners wanted to keep the natural look of their floors intact, so instead of applying stain after the sanding, our team simply applied sealant.

Once the floors were sealed they were given two coats of polyurethane.

In only two and a half days our team spruced up the look of these hardwood floors, while keeping the integrity of the natural wood.

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